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Vision & Mission



Scientific College of Design is committed to academic excellence, student centeredness, and offers art & design education through practical and theoretical knowledge in an engaging environment.


Scientific College of Design aspires to occupy a preeminent position among leading art and design institutions and shape a generation of leading artists and designers who value personal integrity, moral responsibility, and civic pride.



Scientific College of Design is guided by these set of values in conducting its daily activities and in planning future activities. 


Commit to academic and service excellence.


Uphold the principles of academic integrity including fairness, accountability, and honesty.

Ethical and Moral Responsibility

 Foster a community of artists and designers who operate as an extended family with a strong sense of leadership and ethical and moral responsibility.

Lifelong Learning

Promote the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and personal and professional development throughout one’s lifetime.


Maintain a culture of transparency among all SCD stakeholders.




·       Develop a value for personal integrity, moral responsibility, civic pride and respect for cultural pluralism through the ability to work effectively in settings of social and cultural diversity. 

·     Commitment to lifelong learning and to respond professionally and ethically to social, cultural, and global issues through the ability of artistic expression, rigorous research, and free and independent inquiry as prerequisites for gaining competence and creative edge in various areas of specialization. 

·       Ability to use advanced technologies in professional careers through the use of specialized computer programs and  to transfer knowledge to any technological advances in the field. 

·         Ability to apply acquired knowledge based on design history and theory to defend, critique, and substantiate any given design output. 

·         Ability to perform effectively both autonomously and collaboratively as a professional. 

·         Develop a sense of dedication and responsibility for future to increase sustainability in the market place. 

·         Adequate proficiency in the English Language specifically the command of specialized terminology