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English Language,Basic Sciences and Humanities


Our mission is to prepare students achieve success in the main academic programs at SCD by providing supportive and comprehensive educational programs to enhance students' performance in their prospective fields of study.


  1. Develop proficiency in the English language skills;
  2. Articulate clearly organized ideas in conversation with supporting evidence using appropriate vocabulary;
  3. Make a standard oral presentation which informs and/or persuade the audience;
  4. Understand and discuss ideas delivered in academic lectures;
  5. Read texts to identify main ideas, extract specific and detailed information and answer questions, produce written texts and reports showing a control in organization, sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary;
  6. Exhibit evidence of summarizing and research skills;
  7. Gain basic understanding of applied mathematics and,
  8. Learn the use of Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Power point, Access, etc.

Areas of learning

Our 3-level intensive program is carefully designed  to endow students with all the skills necessary to succeed in their major through the following courses:

1. English Language.

2. Mathematics.

3. Computing.

4. General Study Skills.



Our student-centered classrooms operate on collaboration, interactive activities, technology integration and plenty of conversation between students and instructors in the target language. Instructors present topic centered lessons on authentic real-life tasks that motivate student participation and involvement.


Other Highlights:

Our motto is to provide students with the extra support they need to excel in their studies. This includes but not limited to:

·       LCD projector and computer equipped classes.

·       Remedial English classes

·       English Club

·       Resource Centre

·       Highly qualified and innovative faculty

·       Academic Advising

Recent Events

2nd Training & Career Fair / معرض التدريب والتوظيف الثاني (05/02/2017)

2nd Training & Career Fair  / معرض التدريب والتوظيف الثاني 

Graduation Ceremony 2017 (01/18/2017)

Graduation Ceremony 2017​