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Students Advisory Council

The students’ advisory council is responsible for organizing and implementing all activities in the

college under the supervision of Students Affairs. It consists of the president and two deputies

elected by the students of the college at the beginning of each academic year. The candidates

for students council presidency must be senior (3rd year and upward) and his/her GPA of at least

2.6. . Moreover, the candidate must have special characteristics that make him / her full

qualified for this designation i.e.; enthusiastic, active, moral and have leadership trend.

Depending on number of students, the elections for 2015/2016 will be of 11 members.

Council Structure

1- President: who gets the maximum votes and elected for one academic year. S/ he has the

right to run for more than once.

2- First Deputy: who gets the second maximum votes.

3- Second Deputy: who gets the third maximum votes.

4- Sub-committees: Culture committee, art committee, sport committee, entertainment

committee, media and public relation committee, theatre committee and photography

committee and others. One head is elected for each sub-committee.

The activities and events carried out by the council:

1) Organizing the orientation program for new students

2) National Day Celebration

3) Open Day

4) Much more others: Entertainment trips, scientific field trips, symposium, lectures, outside

participations, exhibitions and others.

Recent Events

2nd Training & Career Fair / معرض التدريب والتوظيف الثاني (05/02/2017)

2nd Training & Career Fair  / معرض التدريب والتوظيف الثاني 

Graduation Ceremony 2017 (01/18/2017)

Graduation Ceremony 2017​